The town of Goole has an unusual internet problem. Because its name is similar to that of search giant Google, people are struggling to find out information about the town. A group of residents has an unusual solution: creating their own search engine.

Located in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Goole has the distinction of being the UK’s furthest inland port. Its name is also one letter removed from Google, which can cause a problem, as volunteers at the local museum explain:

“With this 'fame' comes a problem ... when searching on the web for anything Goole-related, the results are usually preceded by the question ‘Did you mean Google?’, followed by pages of Google links - resulting in many Goole inhabitants and researchers shouting at their screen, ‘NO!!  I meant GOOLE!!!’”

Screenshot search for Goole

To address the problem, staff at the museum have created a search engine called the ‘Goole isn’t Google Search Engine’.

Enter a Goole-related search term into the website to find out information about the town.

The website also includes Goole Trivia and information about the museum.

It’s certainly an innovative solution to the problem, and if you ever visit Goole, you know where to look.

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