A new home security system centred around an app will be able to cut off the water supply to your home should it sense a burst pipe, as well as monitor for any water damage.

German manufacturer Grohe has created a new system called Sense and Sense Guard – the former uses sensors around the home to detect humidity and leaks before alerting homeowners should a problem arise.



Multiple sensors can be placed around the home to give full coverage.

The Sense Guard meanwhile is fitted to a home’s main water pipe and can switch off the water supply to a house in the event of a leak being spotted by the system, with notifications and updates being sent to users via the ONDUS app.

Sense app


The Sense, as a smart water sensor, is designed to be placed on the floor to detect water as well as monitor room temperature and humidity. It can even alert you to potential frost risk if the temperature drops below 3 degrees.

The Sense Guard meanwhile is professionally installed in the water pipe and can then automatically cut off supply if a leak or burst pipe is detected.

The app then serves as a central hub for all the information gathered by the sensors, much like other smart home systems.

Grohe Sense Guard costs £439 and Grohe Sense £51.99 and is available in May from Grohe.

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