If you fancy a pet without the need to feed or clean it, Hasbro may have the purrfect answer.

The toy maker has unveiled a new range of robotic cats that detect motion and react to strokes.  The Joy For All Companion Pet is aimed at elderly people seeking a bit of extra comfort and companionship around the home, and comes in three different colours: Creamy White, Silver with White Mitts and Orange Tabby.

Hit play on the video above to see the Joy For All Companion Pets in action.

Joy For All Companion Pets

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Each cat is fitted with a range of sensors which enable it react with every touch. Petting the cat’s left cheek causes it to nuzzle its head into your hand. Keep petting, and the cat will roll onto its back for a belly rub.

Hasbro has developed VibraPurr technology to make the cat’s purrs sound and feel as realistic as possible.

Plus, there is no fear of scratches as the battery-powered feline friend is only programmed to be happy, relaxed or sleep.

Joy For All Companion Pets

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Although the robotic cat is aimed at senior citizens, Hasbro’s vice president of business development Ted Fischer said they are great for all the family.

“Whether it’s one-on-one time between caregivers and recipients, or multi-generational play with parents, children, and grandchildren, we’re excited to enable families and friends of all ages to connect more deeply through the universal language of play,” he said.

Hasbro is only selling the Companion Pet in the US for the moment, where it’s on sale for $99.99 from retailers including Amazon.

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