A yacht has long been seen as a vital accessory for the jet set, but the world’s richest people could soon be travelling the world on a hybrid yacht whose top deck actually doubles up as a jet aeroplane.

Writer and architect Vasily Klyukin has designed the new superyacht concept, dubbed the Monaco 2050 after the summer playground of the rich where he believes the yacht may eventually live.

The top deck of the boat changes into a jet, which has vertical take-off landing capabilities like a helicopter, enabling it rise from the yacht without need for a runway before covering long distances.

Monaco 2050 yacht jet hybrid

The Monaco 2050 is the latest of a series of concept yachts from Klyukin. These include the Red Shark, a huge red yacht with a helicopter pad on the roof; the Mississippi, which includes dual wheels like a paddle steamer and The Swan, a yacht which resembles the graceful water bird.

The yacht is a concept at the moment, but Klyukin believes it will be built by 2050.

Photo credits: Caters News