MC Jme has long been merging the world of grime and video games, so it makes sense that the Boy Better Know co-founder has teamed up with eSports tournament host Gfinity to bring us Serious – a series of tournaments streamed online, with prizes up for grabs.

First up will be the Serious Rainbow Six Siege Tournament. A team that has qualified online will take on Jme’s Headtop squad plus three invited teams at Rainbow Six Siege, which is one of Jme’s favourite games.

In a statement to his competitors ahead of the tournament on Friday September 9, he said: “I’m online murking just as much as I’m on stage, it was only a matter of time until this happened. I’ve got my team, Headtop, and we’re more than ready.”

The tournament, which will be the first of many, will be available to watch live at Gfinity studios and online through Twitch or Jme’s YouTube.

Keep an eye on Gfinity’s Serious page and its social channels for a chance to take on Jme in upcoming tournaments.