The days of chunky CRT TVs almost seem a distant memory next to today’s slim LCD TVs. But LG Display has taken slim to skinny by unveiling a television set just 1mm thick.

Dubbed ‘wallpaper TV’, the 55-inch screen is 1mm thick and weighs just 1.9kg. In fact it’s so light it can be mounted on a wall and held in place using just magnets.

A magnetic mount is attached to a wall and the TV goes on top, peel off the TV to take it down.

It uses Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology. Unlike LCD and LED technology it doesn’t require a backlight, instead an electric current is applied to thin organic layers, which emit their own light. This means OLED panels are thinner, lighter, flexible and with deeper blacks and excellent contrast. Its flexibility means OLED technology is often found in wearable devices.

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The TV was demonstrated at a press event in Seoul, where LG Display showed off some its latest panel technology. Technology website CNET said that this would focus around OLED technology, and confirmed that a 99-inch set would arrive later in 2015.

“OLED represents a ground-breaking technology, not only for the company, but also for the industry,” according to Sang-Deog Yeo, head of LG Displays OLED business.

High production costs means OLED panels are fairly expensive to produce, which is why they aren’t that common in consumer TV sets.

LG and Samsung have released high-end sets (main pic). Prices start at around £2,000 for the 55-inch LG 55EC03V Smart 3D rising to around £6,000 for the 65-inch LG 65EC970V OLED 4K TV.

The 1mm TV is just a concept at the moment and if it does come to market, will undoubtedly have a high price tag. But TV technology is becoming slimmer and flexible displays won’t be too far off.

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Photo credit: LG Display.