Mark Zuckerberg has good reason to be a pretty confident – the whole Facebook things has turned out to be pretty successful – but challenging Brazil and Barcelona superstar Neymar to a game of keepy-ups could be classed as over-confident.

The Facebook founder freely admits *soccer* is not really his thing so why would he think he can take on one of the world’s best *footballers* in a game of round-ball skill?

Because, it’s not the keepy-ups you and I know – it’s a secret football emoji game on Facebook’s Messenger service.

Mark Zuckerberg – Game on, Neymar Jr. ⚽️ Agora é com você,… | Facebook

After apparently spending plenty of time in his office trying to set a difficult target, Zuckerberg has set the bar at 37 keepy-ups.

Judging by the end of the video even the 32-year-old billionaire thinks that’s pretty gettable – having played the game it definitely is – and we should know pretty soon if Neymar can transfer his actual football ability to the game.

Neymar has responded saying that he has accepted the challenge, although he needs to train up first…

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook page
(Facebook screenshot/PA)

If you want to get the game you need need to send a football emoji to a friend, or group of friends, in the newest version of Messenger.

Then just tap on the football emoji you sent, and you are 38 clicks away from proving you are better than Mark Zuckerberg at something.