Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has just taken part in the first Facebook Live Q&A in space, speaking to three of the crew aboard the International Space Station, including Tim Peake.

Mark Zuckerberg – Live Q&A with astronauts on the… | Facebook

Live is the social network’s live broadcasting feature that enables anyone with Facebook to stream live to the world. Or in this case, the ISS.

Peake appeared alongside Commander Tim Kopra and Jeff Williams as they answered questions from the Facebook founder and the social network’s wider community on everything from playing with food in zero gravity and space ice cream to working out in order to maintain muscle mass and using social media in space.

The astronauts also revealed that SpaceX, Elon Musk’s galactic firm, had delivered a “freezer” of real ice cream to the station as a treat and that they were now rationing what remained.

Facebook Live on the ISS

Peake described his excitement at seeing Earth in orbit for the first time upon his arrival in December, and how it was a basic piece of technology in space terms – the Soyuz rocket that got him to the station – that had most thrilled him on his trip so far.

You can watch the full 20-minute chat in the video above, but some highlights to look out for include Zuckerberg’s excitement at the microphone onboard the ISS casually floating between each astronaut.

Facebook Live with ISS

And his joy at seeing some zero gravity acrobatics from the three astronauts.

Facebook Live with the ISS

Kopra also explained that having internet access onboard the station was still a relatively new feature and while it isn’t “quite the same speed, it’s good enough”, adding that it was a “blessing” to be able to share his experiences with family and friends.