It might kind of look like a regular wristwatch for kids, but Moochies is much more than that.

In fact, this quirky child-friendly device in the guise of a watch is actually a mobile phone with 2G connectivity that allows you to call your children any time you want – without the worries that come with handing over an expensive internet-enabled smartphone to your child.

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And it could be exactly what all parents with young children might be looking for.

Suitable for children as young as three, these wrist-worn mobile phones allow a child to call two pre-set phone numbers if they inadvertently get lost or find themselves in a situation where they have lost sight of their parents.

In an age when parents are more anxious than ever about their children’s safety, Moochies co-founder Adrian Lisle believes their new device could “put parents’ minds at rest”.

Moochies co-founder Adrian Lisle (Lauren Hurley/PA)


“We hear almost every day about children going missing,” says Adrian.

“Parents are wrapping their children in cotton wool with understandable anxieties. This is there to give parents the peace of mind – to let their children have some freedom.”

Moochies has been designed for children as young as three (Moochies)


So how does it work?

Basically it’s a mobile phone that’s designed to look like a children’s watch – with eye-catching colours and cute animal designs.

“We wanted to come up with something that kids wouldn’t be able to lose easily,” says Adrian.

The wristwatch phone comes with a free app (Lauren Hurley/PA)


The device, which took almost a year to build and perfect, comes with a free app which allows parents to pre-set two numbers into the device which the child can call.

Parents, in turn, can programme up to 10 pre-set numbers which are permitted to call the Moochies phone watch. It also means calls from any other number will be rejected.

Moochies is available in four colours (Moochies)


“No strangers can ring on it,” adds Adrian. “If a number which isn’t recognised by the app is trying to ring it, the call will so straight to voicemail.”

Moochies phone also comes with a handy SOS button that can be pressed during emergency to alert the parents if their child is in any distress – along with a 15-second sound recording of the situation.

Moochies comes with an SOS button (Lauren Hurley/PA)


“If the child presses and holds it down, it alerts you – the parent – on your mobile that there is a problem,” says Adrian.

Parents can also track their child’s movements through the inbuilt GPS tracker in the device and the app allows parents to sync with multiple Moochies phones.

The phones are GPS enabled (Moochies)


“There’s a map which shows you where that device on your child is,” adds Adrian.

The app also allows parents to set a pre-determined “safe zone”. For instance, if a child is playing in the park, the app will notify them if the child strays outside the designated safe area.

Moochies retails at £79.99 and is available in four colours (pink, blue, black and orange). It comes with a pay-as-you-go SIM card with apps available on iStore and Google Play.