Driverless technology doesn’t have to be just for cars, as Mercedes-Benz has recently proven by creating a self-driving bus.

The automotive giant has built what it calls the Future Bus, a city bus that can drive itself while a human driver is on-board to monitor for any safety issues.

The bus uses a technology called CityPilot that can control the vehicle at speeds up to 43 miles per hour in specially marked bus lanes.

To prove it, Mercedes has already driven the bus around a 12-mile route in Amsterdam.

The bus is also intelligent enough to identify stops, drive through tunnels, communicate with traffic signals and brake for obstacles.

Mercedes Future Bus

The bus also contains previews of how Mercedes sees more tech-centric bus journeys of the near future taking place – the Future Bus comes equipped with wireless charging pads and large displays for passenger information.

This complete package is not what Mercedes is planning to roll out, however. Instead, the car giant plans on to implement only portions of the system into its current line of buses.