People were primed for the exciting new details of Windows 10 at the Microsoft developer conference Build 2015. Here’s what we now know about the kit.

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The Start button menu is coming back

Joe Belfiore
(Jeff Chiu/AP/PA)


The much-loved Start menu is making a return on Windows 10. Plus there’ll be a more personalised lock screen which learns how a user works with their PC, and displays prompts and questions on screen based on what you have and haven’t used.

That device is called the Windows Spotlight. We’ll all be using it to “find and discover value in the Windows ecosystem” according to Joe Belfiore, Microsoft corporate vice president of Operating Systems Group.

Cortana will be more helpful

Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant, Cortana, also made an appearance at Build. Cortana will be more helpful this time around and we’ll be able to tell (ask?) the assistant to do something specific such as use a certain app to send a message.

The Windows 10 browser will be called Microsoft Edge

We’re hoping you’re well over Internet Explorer by now. Microsoft Edge is the new kid in town, previously referred to by its code name: Project Spartan.

Edge will have Cortana built in and will “learn” how users browse the web. Extensions, including for social media sites like Pinterest, will also now be built into Edge, with dedicated buttons appearing in the tab bar.

Apps will be synced across devices

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore demonstrating Windows 10
Joe Belfiore in demo mode at Build (Jeff Chiu/AP/PA)


The Continuum feature gives users the power to put one device down running an app, and then pick it up in *exactly* the same place on another. It was demonstrated, with the feature working on smartphone for the first time. This will enable users to turn their phone into a PC, with the larger screen becoming the monitor.

“With Continuum, we believe any screen can be your PC,” said Belfiore. “Imagine you’re on vacation and your hotel room can become a theatre, or you connect your phone to a TV screen.

“What we’re trying to show here today, is our unique vision for phones and enabling them to scale up to a full PC-like experience.”