The web browser you use is important to Microsoft – the company wants it to be its new offering, Edge, and so has carried out a battery life test to compare it to some of its rivals.

The result was something that many users of Google Chrome already knew – Chrome isn’t good for your battery.

As the above video shows, Microsoft suggests that Edge can give you up to 70% more browsing time – when it comes to video playback at least – compared to Chrome.

In Google’s defence, it has promised to take steps to improve the battery life in Chrome, which has been a known issue for some time.

Meanwhile Microsoft is looking to take every opportunity to boost the profile of Edge, which is its replacement for long-standing browser Internet Explorer. Launched initially as part of Windows 10, Edge is the default browser on Windows 10 and also runs on Microsoft’s Xbox One console.

Google Chrome and Internet Explorer
(Paul Sakuma/AP)

According to stats from earlier this year, Edge has so far gathered around 2% market share of the browser market, with Google Chrome out in front with around 60%.

Interestingly, other rivals – most notably Mozilla Firefox, have seen their own numbers bump off the back of Microsoft as some older Explorer users were pushed to upgrade, but instead turned to rival browsers instead.