It has spent decades travelling to galaxies far, far away, but the Millennium Falcon has been spotted somewhere a little more down to earth – next to the M3 in Surrey.

A keen-eyed fan spotted Han Solo’s famous spacecraft on Google Earth right beside Barrow Hills Golf Club, which the Resistance would no doubt be shocked to discover.

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Rey was last seen piloting the Falcon in the most recent Star Wars film but nobody expected her to end up here.

The ship was being used in the filming of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi at Longcross Studios and had been moved and hidden inside freight containers, covered in sheets.

But, even then, its distinctive shape was not hard to spot.

How to find the Millennium Falcon on Google Maps

  • Search Longcross Studios on Google Maps.
  • Click the square 'Satellite' box on the left.
  • Look for the Longcross Studios and then continue right. It is located to the right of the M3.

Or use this link.

Longcross studios and the Millennium Falcon
(Google Earth)

The find comes with just over a month until the latest instalment of Star Wars.

The ship was last seen in The Force Awakens, under Rey’s control, on its way to find Luke Skywalker.

It’s not long now until fans can discover its fate.

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