A new line-up of smart alarms will enable users to better control heating and smoke alarms from their mobile phone.

Smart home firm Nest has announced an overhaul of its product line-up of intelligent thermostats and smoke detectors, all of which can be controlled from a single app.

The products form part of the internet of things where appliances are connected together and can be controlled remotely, even turned off if needed within a “smart home”.

Nest alarm

Nest chief executive Tony Fadell said at the announcement: “Who’d have thought that five years ago you’d be able to buy a thermostat from high end retail stores. Together, we’ve changed the conversation about the connected home.

“Today it’s accessible, human and simple. It’s the thoughtful home.”

The refresh of the whole product line was designed to create a home that “takes care of itself and the people in it”, Fadell said.

Nest alarm

The announcement included a software update to Nest’s Learning Thermostat so that it better communicates with you and other Nest products via a smartphone app. A new smoke alarm and camera were also announced.

The updated version of the Nest Protect smoke alarm is now better at identifying smoke, as well as cutting down on nuisance alarms from things such as steam. The alarm also does away with the traditional need to manually silence it, now becoming possible from the app.

The new Nest Cam broadcasts in full 1080p HD and can be viewed from anywhere in the world on a smartphone via the official Nest app. Notifications are sent to your phone when motion is detected, and users can create special activity areas within the camera’s view they want it to focus on.

Nest Alarm

Similarly, the second generation Nest Protect smoke alarm detects Carbon Monoxide and alerts you with a speaker as well as notifications on your phone. It also has a new dual-sensor system that looks for particles from fire in more detail, and alerts you accordingly.

The firm also announced Safety Rewards, a scheme that will see customers – in the US to begin with – save money by using Nest products. Users can digitally share with home insurers that they’re using Nest products, and reward customers with discount on premiums.

The internet of things and smart home are growing trends in technology – both Google and Apple have publicly announced plans to create software that will link their devices with appliances in a smart home, including lighting, garage doors and other utilities.