Choosing somewhere to go out in London can be a stressful experience.

You need to make sure the music will be to your taste, the venue isn’t too far away, the entry fee is reasonable, it’s not going to be dead inside and, if you manage to do all that, there’s still the worry that the bouncers will find some reason to turn you away. That’s not even mentioning the decline in the city’s nightlife.

But this is 2016, and you can find pretty much anything you need from your phone – so it makes sense that a good night out is added to that list. That’s where Party Hype comes in.

Party Hype opening screen
(Party Hype)

The app finds parties, clubs and after-parties across the whole of London, and once you’ve downloaded the app and created a profile, the listings you’re shown will be tailored to your tastes and close to your location.

You can even see live footage from inside certain venues to help make your mind up before you take the plunge.

That’s not all though – the app doubles as a social network, with users posting pictures and videos that can be liked and commented on. There’s even a dating section.

Party Hype party listings
(Party Hype)

Party hype upload
(Party Hype)

So, the next time you don’t just want to go home after a hard day at work or uni, but are stuck for ideas, open Party Hype and free yourself of some of that stress.