Driving 10,000 miles across difficult terrain sounds tough enough in a conventional car, so doing it in an electric one, which requires regular recharging, has got to be almost impossible, hasn’t it?

Well that’s something Chris Ramsey, the founder of Plug In Adventures, hopes to prove wrong this summer at the Mongol Rally.

The Mongol Rally is not a traditional race, instead focusing on the adventure and challenge of the journey across Europe and Asia’s mountains and desert – Chris’s electric car is the first of its kind to be entered, so the spirit of pioneering seems entirely appropriate.

Check out the video below.

“Doing 90-100 miles per charge means I can stop and enjoy the scenery, cultures and environments, and meet the public along the way,” said Chris.

The challenge of the race is well illustrated by the modifications made to the vehicle – the back seats have been removed, LED lights secured to the roof for visibility, and rally tyres added to help with the terrain.

The race organisers ask that those taking part raise money for charity, with Chris and his wife doing so for Cool Earth and WWF Scotland.

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