Take a look at the photograph of the crowd above carefully. Is there anything that stands out, or any particular person that catches your eye?

Look at the front row. See that lady wearing a black cardigan? Yes, she’s older than most people there, but she’s also the only person in the whole image not holding a mobile phone. 

While almost everyone else around her is fiddling with their smartphone or taking a photo or video of the moment, she’s enjoying the moment taking the scene in through her own eyes.

In a world where more of us are using mobile phones, it’s a powerful photograph that makes you think. Phones have many advantages - they allow us to stay in touch with relatives all over the world instantly, they keep us safe and entertained.

But are we missing out of life’s little experiences by permanently having our eyes glued to gadgets? 

The photograph was taken by John Blanding, a photographer for the Boston Globe. The crowd were waiting outside the Coolidge Theatre in Brookline, Massachusetts, for Jonny Depp and his co-stars to attend the premier of the movie Black Mass.

It went viral when designer Wayne Dahlberg saw it, circled the tech-less lady and shared it on Twitter. 

The tweet has since been shared over 8,000 times.

Maybe the message should be that while there's nothing wrong with loving our phones, maybe now and again we need to look at the world around us.

Photo credit: Getty images

What do you think of the photograph above? Are we missing out by being glued to our gadgets? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.