A replica of HAL-9000 is coming with Amazon Alexa built in

Just don’t ask it to open the pod bay doors.

Press Association
Last updated: 13 March 2018 - 10.33am

As virtual assistants began to become mainstream, the more cynical in society could be forgiven for thinking their rise could only be a bad thing – an idea likely born from memories of HAL-9000.

The sinister artificial intelligence at the heart of sci-fi cult classic 2001: A Space Odyssey is infamous enough for many people to write off the Alexa, Siri and other assistants of the modern day.

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However, the malevolent computer is now being integrated into modern-day reality thanks to Master Replicas Group, which has created a new version of HAL that works with Alexa and can control your smartphone.

The homage to the classic device is powered using an Amazon Fire HD tablet that is then joined by additional lights, speakers and software added by Master Replicas Group to give it the look of HAL.

The company is already advertising the replica on its website, confirming it has been licensed by Warner Bros and is ready to be reserved – with the replica due to go on sale later in the year.

According to the website Amazon Echo technology is at the heart of the product, meaning that like an Echo it will be able to control any smart home products around the house.

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