While three million people in the UK cycle on a weekly basis, sharing the road with much larger vehicles can be a hazardous business. A new light technology from start-up See.Sense is aimed at making our roads safer for cyclists.

The company has developed a bike light called Icon that aims to make cycling safer – and smarter - by incorporating a number of safety and anti-theft features – hit play on the video above to see it in action.

Icon won first prize in the BT Infinity Lab SME Awards 2016: Connected Cities competition back in May, scooping a £15,000 prize.

Like any ordinary light fitting, the device clips onto the back of your bike. But ICON makes cycling safer by flashing brighter and stronger at potential hazards - when you’re at a roundabout, road junction or approaching car headlights, for instance.

You can hook Icon up to your smartphone to control brightness, check the battery life and download updates.

There’s an alarm feature that will alert you whenever someone moves tampers with your bike – alerts are sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth within a range of 100 meters.


One of the greatest safety features is the accident alerts. Icon can detect whenever you’ve had an accident and will text a family member to inform them of your location.

ICON isn’t just about keeping cyclists safe: it also has a Smart Cities feature which uses data sourced from its users about any crashes, near-miss events, road surfaces, light levels and more. Trials are set to begin for the new service in Milton Keynes later this month.

“We want to continue to build our cyclist community by sharing back much of the data we collect via our app, offering a wide range of innovative features for the urban cyclist,” co-founder and chief marketing officer Irene McAleese told BT.com.

Thousands of units have been sold since Icon went on sale in January; the lights currently cost £64.99 on Amazon.

Speaking of their BT Infinity Lab SME Awards 2016: Connected Cities success, Irene added:  “The win has helped shine a spotlight on our capabilities to a wider audience and has already helped open discussions with other potential partners across the industry who are interested to work with us to accelerate our potential in this area.

“Winning the £15,000 prize money was a very welcome boost, but one of the most exciting things to come out of the winning is the opportunity to work with the city of Milton Keynes on a project to demonstrate how our lights can collect valuable data that can contribute to mobility projects.”