If you are always running out of fridge essentials, a pair of wi-fi connected devices could help.

British company Smarter, the company behind the smartphone connected wi-fi kettle has developed the Smarter Fridge Cam, which allows you to peek in your fridge – even when you aren’t at home.

Mounted in a fridge using a suction cup, the camera takes a photo of the fridge and its contents, which can be viewed remotely on a smartphone or tablet using the Smarter App.

Smarter Fridge Cam

Smarter Mats are also designed to be used within a fridge.  Place items like a bottle of milk or tomato ketchup on them (different size mats are available), use the app to identify the object and the mat will monitor the weight.

If it detects an item is running out, it will send an alert to the Smarter App on your phone so you know when to go shopping.

Smarter has also unveiled a third device called the Smarter Detector, which the company describes as ‘your eyes and ears in the kitchen’.

Smarter Detector

Designed to be mounted on a kitchen wall, it listens for common sounds from other devices – such as when the tumble dryer has finished - and sends an alert to the Smarter App. This way you know when things are finished.

The devices were on show at the annual CES technology tradeshow and are due to launch later this year. Prices are yet to be confirmed. The Smarter App is available for Android and Apple devices.

What do you think of the devices? Would you use any of them? Let us know in the Comments section below.