Snapchat’s user base has grown by 17% to 178 million in the last year, the social app’s parent company said.

In reporting its latest financial results, Snap Inc revealed daily active users had climbed from 153 million compared to this time in 2016.

However, the technology giant also announced it had written off 39.9 million US dollars (£30.3 million) in relation to unsold stock of Spectacles, the firm’s video camera-enabled sunglasses.

Snapchat sunglasses

Snap Inc’s total revenue was up by 62% on the same quarter last year, rising to 207.9 million dollars (£157.8 million) compared to 128 million dollars (£97 million) last year.

However, the figure, along with the number of daily active users, was below analysts’ expectations.

Snap Inc chief executive Evan Spiegel said the firm was preparing to redesign the Snapchat app to make it “easier to use”.

Snapchat has come under increased pressure from Facebook and its family of apps in the last year – the social network and its other services, including WhatsApp and Instagram, have aggressively
introduced features similar to Snapchat to entice users to them.

App stock
(Lauren Hurley/PA)

The native Facebook app, WhatsApp and Instagram have all either introduced or enhanced their own in-app cameras, as well as added new filters and editing features mimicking that of Snapchat.

Instagram has also introduced a “story” feature similar to that of Snapchat, user numbers of which have already risen above 200 million people.

The photo and video sharing app has recently announced plans to create its own TV shows to promote within its app.