How many remote controls do you have in your front room? Two, three or four maybe and you probably only use the same few buttons on each one.

Sony Japan has launched a new type of remote control that can control multiple devices and is fully customisable so it only features the controls you actually use.

The Huis (House) Remote Controller can control your Blu-ray player, home theatre equipment, lights, projector and air conditioning- even if they are made from different manufactures.

 Sony Huis House Remote Controller group of them

Instead of using buttons, it has an e-ink display that can be personalised and which changes depending what you are controlling.

Check out the video below to find out more.

E-ink technology – like that used by Amazon’s Kindle e-readers - doesn’t consume much power, which means the virtual buttons can be displayed at all times without needing regular charges.

When it does enter sleep mode, acceleration-sensing technology awakes the controller so it starts quickly.

It vibrates and makes sound when you use it, so if feels similar to a conventional remote.

The Huis is part of Sony’s new business creation program, First Flight, a crowdfunding program for new products designed by Sony employees.

The remote costs ¥ 27,950 (around £169) and is available to order now in Japan. There’s no news yet on whether it will be available in the UK.

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