A new web browser plug-in has been launched to help users stick to their new year resolutions to cut down on certain online habits.

Created by health and fitness chain David Lloyd Clubs, the plug-in works on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers, enabling users to filter out content they want to cut down on in 2018.

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Aptly named Temptation Blocker, users are able to select from a range of options on what they would like to cut out from their internet use.

(Screenshot/David Lloyd Clubs)
(Screenshot/David Lloyd Clubs)

The health club group said well-being and fitness goals were no longer the only resolutions made at the start of a new year, and that it still wanted to help users reach their targets.

Once activated, the blocker doesn’t do its work in a subtle manner – should users visit a site that contain any keywords associated with that topic, a “temptation blocked” banner appears to conceal the website.

(Screenshot/David Lloyd Clubs)
(Screenshot/David Lloyd Clubs)

The keywords lock can also be triggered by any of them appearing in a website’s address too.

David Lloyd said it was prompted to create the tool after a new survey found that more than half of those asked (52%) said they broke their resolutions within two weeks.

This was something many put down to the internet, with 35% saying easy access to the web made it difficult for them to stick to their goals.

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