Tesco has announced it will no longer be stocking the Hudl 2 tablet – a week after confirming it had no plans to launch a successor.

Despite its popularity and largely positive reviews, including our own, it appears Tesco is giving up on its Android tablet line.

The original Tesco Hudl tablet launched in September 2013, selling 750,000 units – and was followed by the Hudl 2 a year later.

Priced £129 on launch, Tesco customers could get the Hudl 2 for £65 by using Clubcard Boost, making it an even better deal.

But in a statement, the company said: “We have sold out of Hudl2 tablets and will no longer be selling it in our stores or online. We would like to assure customers that we will continue to provide technical support and help to all of our customers who have purchased a Hudl."

If you missed out on the Hudl 2, we've got some solutions on how you can get hold of one, or you could try some of these great Hudl 2 alternatives. The original Tesco Hudl is still available.

For those who still own a Hudl 2, here are some of the burning questions you may have about the tablet’s end…

Why is Tesco no longer selling the Hudl 2?

Tesco hasn’t specified why it is no longer stocking the Hudl 2, but the retailer has been going through a lot of change in recent years.

In January, it sold off its movie streaming service Blinkbox for £5 million, and announced the closure of 43 stores following a fall in profits.

According to Marketing Magazine, some of the people who worked on the Hudl team are no longer with Tesco.

Hudl 2

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What does this mean for my recent order?

If you’ve recently ordered a Hudl 2 from Tesco and received delivery confirmation, your tablet should still be on its way.

You can always track your order by logging into My Account and clicking on View Direct Orders on Tesco’s website to check.

Anyone unsure should contact Tesco directly on the phone or via email using the contact details on this page.

Will Tesco still provide updates for the Hudl 2?

In Tesco’s statement it says it “will continue to provide technical support and help to all of our customers who have purchased a Hudl” – so this should mean that you’ll still get updates for any errors that occur. But remember that, like any tablet, this won’t last forever.

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