Amidst all the news of Google’s restructuring under a new holding company, Alphabet, there’s a small detail that will twig at the imagination of TV fans.

Alphabet’s url is, and those of us who have watched US comedy Silicon Valley – which is dedicated to poking fun at the culture of the valley’s big tech firms – will notice this sounds familiar.

XYZ also happens to be the name of the experimental division at Hooli, the fictional company in the show that is a spoof of Google. Their XYZ Lab is itself a spoof of Google’s own X Labs, where their ‘moonshot ideas’ such as driverless cars come from.

And because Google loves a good Easter egg, the internet giant has paid homage to the show by including a hidden link to the HooliXYZ lab’s homepage within the Alphabet announcement on their homescreen. Find it, and it will take you here.

A screenshot of the home page of the spoof Hooli XYZ lab

You’ll find out all about Hooli’s plans to not only build the future, “but the future’s future”.

It’s all very inspiring.

A screenshot from the spoof HooliXYZ homepage

But if you’re impatient, you’ll find the hidden link in the full stop after the word “effort” in the eighth paragraph of Larry Page’s post on the Alphabet home page.