If you want to stand out at the caravan park, get a load of the Ecocapsule. It’s an eco-friendly two-person portable home, and it packs more technology than you can shake a fold-up camping chair at.

It packs all the creature comforts you’d expect. There’s a built-in kitchenette with running water, flushing toilet and hot shower. And while it might be small, it has enough storage for your luggage or sports equipment.

EcoCapsule caravans on beach with moody sky

It’s also one of the most eco-friendly mobile homes around. It’s powered by a built-in wind turbine and an array of solar cells. Because of this, and the high-capacity battery that charges up, you’ll have enough juice to cook your eggs even when there’s no sun or wind.

Plan Ecocapsule caravan

Plus it collects rainwater on the roof and filters it, so you can reuse it.

Eco Capsule caravan interior

It fits onto a trailer, so you can tow it around, though the firm hopes to develop a camping version, with its own built-in chassis, in 2016. The Ecocapsule will go on show for the first time at the Pioneers festival in Vienna starting tomorrow, and should go on sale early next year.

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