One of Google Chrome’s most annoying features has been eradicated in the browser’s latest update.

Laptop users will know that having lots of tabs open on Chrome can drain your battery pretty quickly, even if they are just sitting there in the background while you work in another tab.

As websites begin to contain more and more data, they take up more and more of our computer’s battery and processing ability. Luckily Google’s 57th iteration of Chrome is doing something to tackle that.

Google says it’s new update “leads to 25% fewer busy background tabs” – so how does it work?

Well, it’s called throttling. It sounds menacing, doesn’t it? Every background tab is given a time limit to how long it can run at full pelt while in the background. After 10 seconds, the tab must limit how much CPU usage it takes up.

This applies to most tabs, but ones playing music or messaging apps won’t be subject to the restriction.

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