Not sure whether to buy a tablet, laptop or desktop PC? Then the Asus Transformer Trio could be for you as it’s a three-in-one device that does the job of all three.

The Transformer Trio is an 11.6-inch tablet that comes with a keyboard. Slot it into the keyboard, and it works as a laptop. But then if you’re at a desk, and have a monitor you’d like to use, just hook the keyboard up to it and it works as a desktop PC.

It really is the Swiss Army Knife of computers, and has some powerful software to match the versatility of its hardware, switching software based on which mode you’re using it in. In tablet mode, it runs Google’s Android operating system, but dock it with the keyboard, or attach the keyboard to a monitor, and you can switch to Microsoft’s Windows 8 just by pressing a button on the keyboard.

With Windows 8, you can even use the touchscreen when you’re in laptop mode.

Because both the screen and keyboard have their own computing components and batteries, they’ll be quite heavy when slotted together as a package.

The Transformer Trio goes on sale on November 11 and will cost £899.99. That’s not cheap, but it’s much more affordable than buying a tablet, a laptop and a desktop PC separately.