There’s already little doubt that the Apple Watch should be regarded as a luxury fashion item more than it should a smartwatch, and that point has just been reinforced by US watchmaker Nico Gerard.

The brand specialises in high-end timepieces, and their latest range will take some topping, as it combines the sort of impressive wrist wear you save for a formal occasion with an Apple Watch where the buckle would be.

A Nico Gerard watch
(Nico Gerard)

Yes, that really is a double-watch.

Perhaps the only thing more surprising than the look of the two-sided accessory is the price; costs start at a cool $9,300 (about £5,900) for what they call the Pinnacle. Then there’s the $9,500 Skyview Pinnacle and – brace yourself – the $112,000 limited edition Sunrise Pinnacle, which is made from 18-karat gold. The Apple Watch on that one is gold too for good measure.

It should be noted that these prices do include the Apple Watch, in case you were worried about being ripped off.

The 18-karat gold Nico Gerard watch
(Nico Gerard)

“The tranquil morning dew is cool and the fresh air is still. The dawn of a new day glows red with promise. You feel the warmth of the sun’s rays wrap around you as the sun crests the horizon,” says the description of the Sunrise Pinnacle on the Nico Gerard website.

The three Nico Gerard watches
(Nico Gerard)

“The morning beauty fills your heart with joy. The red face of the Nico Gerard Sunrise Pinnacle lets you experience the excitement of a sunrise as this unique work of art graces your wrist.”

Nope, we’re not entirely sure we see that either, but what is clear is that your wrist will get plenty of attention if you were to wear this. Mind you, you’ll also be very much in the minority as Nico Gerard is only manufacturing 88 of them.

The Nico Gerard 18-karat gold watch
(Nico Gerard)

The two stainless steel options are set to be available in greater numbers.

So if the traditional Apple bands don’t do it for you, maybe this is the Apple Watch you’ve been waiting for?