A washing machine has been developed which can be operated by the bark of a dog.

Billed as the ‘Woof to Wash’ washing machine, it has been developed by Sheffield-based laundry specialists JTM Service.

After researching the needs of the disabled user, the company found that conventional high-street washing machines were often too complicated to use for those with visual, physical or learning disabilities.

Woof to Wash is designed to be operated by a support dog, canines that have been specially trained to fulfil a range of tasks such as stripping beds and filling the washing machine.

The team had already developed a single-button washing machine, so they worked with Miele to create a machine with a switch that turns the machine on when a dog barks.

It also features a single button which the pooch can press which opens the door.  The machine washes at 40 degrees and automatically allots the right amount of detergent to the load.

With the machine, JTM Service hopes to enhance the potential of independent living and quality of life for disabled users. 

“Doing your laundry is something most of us take for granted,” says Rita Howson, from charity Support Dogs.

“Thanks to JTM’s revolutionary machine, support dogs of all sizes can load the machine, bark to turn it on and, with the push of paw, open the door and unload the washing machine.”

According to JTM Service, plans are underway for the machine to help thousands of people across the UK. (Via Gizmodo).

JTM and Miele worked together to create the machine