Many people’s morning routine consists of rushing to make one if not several beds before heading out for the day.

But that time-consuming and tedious task could soon be a thing of the past with the invention of the Smart Bed.

Spanish company Ohea developed the bed to help customers who may not have the time, inclination or physical ability to make their bed. Hit play on the video above to see it in action.

But there is a catch: the bed only works with Ohea’s own smart duvet and bedding which are made with special cords and Velcro.

the self making bed in action


The bed takes 50 seconds to make itself and can be activated manually using a remote, or automatically on a different setting that begins the process three seconds after someone has got up from the bed.

The bed was created a few years ago but has recently resurfaced and caused a stir online among people who can’t make up their mind whether it’s a useful or simply lazy product.