A new barbecue promises to use the power of the sun to cook your food.

The invention, put together by environmental innovation group One Earth Designs, uses mirrors to harness enough energy from the sun to cook your eagerly-awaited burgers and ribs.

The cooker, named SolSource, focuses sunbeams directly onto the base of a cooking vessel mounted on top of a specially-designed rack, ensuring the heat stays centred on the pan, and only the pan.

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The benefit? No more toxic smoke.

In fact, no fire hazard whatsoever: due to the heat being directed away from all but the desired cooking area, the lightweight unit stays cool to the touch.

It’s also good to use in more than just glaring sunshine: Brits, breathe a sigh of relief.

Reaching temperatures of up to 200C, the nifty little cooker is good to use all year round – whether there’s snow on the ground or blazing heat: if you can see your shadow, you can cook.

(One Earth Designs)
(One Earth Designs)


A KickStarter campaign to get the unit into production surpassed its $20,000 (£15,400) target by a whopping $49,000 (£37,800), meaning we could be seeing its widespread release later this year for around $199 (£150) per barbecue.

One Earth Designs say their mission is to be a “catalyst for positive change” by introducing the environmentally friendly kit to rural communities in poorer countries, and cut down on unnecessary deaths from cooking smoke inhalation.

Guilt-free cooking at its most-delicious best.

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