So we might not be whizzing around in driverless vehicles, or teleporting to work just yet, but the future is coming if this fridge is anything to go by.

Panasonic have unveiled a smart-fridge that can navigate its way around your kitchen independently, and responds to simple voice commands.

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The roving refrigerator was exhibited at the IFA technology conference in Berlin, on the electronic company’s ‘Better Living Tomorrow’ stand.

And, aside from being able to move autonomously – with the capacity to dodge objects in its way – it’s also capable of storing and serving food and drinks (it was displayed dispensing perfectly cooled sake), can clear away plates, and even transport dirty utensils to the dishwasher for you.

It’s not on sale yet, and at this stage is just a concept design, but here’s hoping it won’t be long – it’s predicted we’ll only have to wait five or six years – before we can shout for more prosecco from the sofa, and have it delivered by our very own voice-activated robot butler. Now that’s the dream.

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