A new digestive tracker claims it can analyse and identify if and what your stomach struggles to digest using just a breath test.

The AIRE is a system comprising a smartphone app and a small breath tester – which a user blows into so it can read the level of hydrogen in their system.

AIRE digestive tracker

This is because excess hydrogen appears from food the stomach struggles to initially break down, so it sits in our gut being picked away at by bacteria, which creates the excess hydrogen.

Many who experience this are unable to easily identify which foodstuff it is that their body is struggling with, and current tests involving trips to a gastroenterology specialist and several rounds of tests that can be time consuming.

The AIRE says it can shrink this down to blowing into its mouthpiece before the analysis and results are sent to the app on your smartphone.

But it’s not just identification of compounds that the app can help with. Once the detective work is done, the app will construct a diet plan for you that suits your digestive system and avoids those common carbohydrates that don’t agree with you.

AIRE isn’t available just yet – but it can be pre-ordered for £90. It’s expected to start shipping in August next year.