Many of us like nothing better than a cup of tea to start or end the day, so it’s probably not too surprising that a new gadget has been created to help improve and modernise this experience.

However, the device in question – built by Dorian Damon – is not the sleek modern tea maker you might picture in your mind, his device he says was inspired by the breakfast making machine in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

The automated teabag dunking machine started out life with a motor from a 1930s video projector, Damon says on his blog, and has been built using brass components and polished wood, with bicycle hubs then used for the mechanism that dunks your teabag.

Damon said he had to change the motor after the projector motor was deemed to be running too fast – so he timed himself making tea and switched to what’s known as a shaded pole motor, which powers the piston-like motion of lifting the teabag in and out of your cup of tea.

Damon has also posted making of videos online, should you be tempted to make your own.

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