If you love New Year’s Eve so much you want to celebrate twice, you might consider taking this flight next year.

Passengers on Hawaiian Airlines flight HA446 got to welcome in 2018 once in New Zealand, before jetting back to 2017 in Honolulu where they could do it all again.

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That’s because the flight crossed the International Date Line on its journey from Auckland to Hawaii.

Honolulu is a full 23 hours behind Auckland, so as the plane took off at just after midnight on January 1 on New Zealand’s north island, it was still 1am on December 31 in the destination city.

The anomaly was all too much for some people to cope with.

As if that wasn’t enough, one Twitter user threw a whole other time-travel aspect of the passengers’ flight into the mix.

Yes, people on planes actually age at a slightly different rate to people on the ground thanks to time dilation as described in Einstein’s theory of relativity.

If that’s all a bit too much to take in, don’t worry – just grab yourself a glass and toast the coming of the new year.

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