One Twitter user’s question about whether “meet cutes” occur in real life was given a resounding response by other users.

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Writer @bookavid said that where she’s from, people don’t really talk to random people in public, and she wanted to know if these stories actually happened to real people.

Well, if these replies to her tweet are anything to go by, it seems they really do.

This person has their grandma to thank for their marriage.

Want a real life Disney tale? Bethany Robison has one for you.

Airports may seem like boring places, but the boredom and heavy suitcases can make for a good romantic proposition.

When your friend’s faith in you pays off and you have to pay up.

Some stories are just plain odd, but at least they ended in love.

Don’t worry, he elaborated.

Love can bloom in unusual places, it seems.

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