The public have been asked to help fund an ambitious project to rebuild the UK’s first ever robot.

The robot, named Eric, was originally built in 1928 but mysteriously went missing, never to be found.

The Science Museum and expert roboticist Giles Walker have launched a project to bring Eric back to life after discovering his story while researching for an upcoming exhibition.

The plan is for Walker to rebuild Eric, a process expected to take three months, and a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to raise £35,000 towards funding the plan.

Science Museum curator Ben Russell said on the Kickstarter page that Walker has already made “working drawings” of Eric based on archive materials – found after tracking down relatives of Eric’s original creators.

Eric was one of the first robots ever built, by Captain WH Richards & AH Reffell, and weighed just over 45kg.

Lead exhibition conservator Kate Perks looks at Cygan, a 2.4 m humanoid robot built in Italy in 1957, during a press preview of the upcoming Robots exhibition at the Science Museum in London
(Jonathan Brady/PA)

“(It) had an ‘armour-plated chest, legs and arms’ made of aluminium,” the Kickstarter page said.

“Eric had light bulbs for eyes and 35,000 volts of electricity caused blue sparks to fly from his teeth.”

Eric is set to go on display in October, when the public can view it for free for a month, before it is a featured attraction in the museum’s major Robots exhibition opening in February 2017.