Driverless cars are an emerging technology. Of all the new types of technology we’ve seen, the thought of a road populated with driverless cars seems to worry people the most. When videos emerged of a Tesla car without a driver, it’s easy to see why.

Tesla updated its semi-autonomous car range with new software in October. The update included Autopilot with Autosteer (including lane change) and Autopark features. This allows cars to drive independently.

CEO Elon Musk suggested drivers still need to keep their hands on the wheel: "We're being especially cautious at this early stage, so we're advising drivers to keep their hands on the wheel just in case."

An anonymous Tesla driver didn’t heed Musk’s warning, and filmed the car driving in Autopilot on a Dutch motorway at speeds of 51mph (83kph).

Watch the video above.

Speaking in November, Musk said the company would put safeguards in place: “There have been some fairly crazy videos on YouTube...this is not good.

“We will be putting some additional constraints on when Autopilot can be activated, to minimize the possibility of people doing crazy things with it."

Tesla Autopilot system interface

Musk said that since rolling out the update, Autopilot had helped prevent ‘many’ accidents. However it’s clear Tesla needs to update its software soon.

Tesla’s Autopilot update will be available to 60,000 cars around the world, but Musk believes fully autonomous cars are at least three years away.

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Video credit: CaSjUs212

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