Windows 10 launched on July 29 and is being rolled out to customers all over the world. But those waiting to upgrade are being targeting by an email scam.

Customers are being sent an email that appears to come from Microsoft, advising the recipient to open the installer, reports the Cisco blog.

If the installer is opened, a message like the one below appears, stating that files are ‘encrypted by CTB-Locker’ – which is a type of ransomware that will encrypt your files - and you need to pay to unlock them.

Windows 10 email scam

At first glance, the email looks genuine. It uses similar colours to Microsoft and appears to come from a ‘’ email address. At the bottom it also states that the email has been scanned for viruses.

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But look closely at the body of the email and you’ll see it’s ridden with grammatical errors, poor English and unusual characters.  The Cisco blog reports the IP address shows the email was sent from Thailand.

CTB locker payment request Windows 10 email scam

If you receive such an email, delete it instantly. Windows installs via your desktop – not an email attachment – so Microsoft won’t send you any emails asking you to open files.

Find out more about the upgrade process in our article: How to upgrade to Windows 10.

Image credit: Cisco blog

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