Amazon Kindle users are reporting problems when connecting their e-readers to Windows 10 computers, with many seeing their computers crash as a result.

According to dozens of reports from users, those with a Kindle Paperwhite or Voyage are seeing their computer crash and reboot when they connect a Kindle to either charge it or transfer ebooks onto their desktop. The issue appears to also revolve around the recent Anniversary Update Microsoft pushed out.

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The issue appears to persist across different laptop and desktop brands, as well as affect users on the Windows Insider program, which gives members early access to new Windows software before it is released.

Many have taken to online forums to report seeing the ‘blue screen of death’ which contains a message telling users a problem occurred and their machine needs to restart once they plug in their Kindle. However, some have also said that once rebooted and with their Kindle left plugged in, the issue disappears.

Windows 10
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It continues a rocky spell for Microsoft and Windows 10, which has upset some consumers over the way it was pushed while it was a free upgrade. There have also been reports of a bug for webcams, leaving some unusable.

The Anniversary Update was rolled out at the end of July, adding enhancements to Microsoft Edge – the Internet Explorer replacement – as well as virtual assistant Cortana.

Watch the video below to find out what's new on Windows 10 thanks to the Anniversary Update: