Microsoft’s Windows 10 is a constant work in progress, with new betas surfacing on a regular basis that offer tests of potential new features.

The latest beta has just been made available to those on Microsoft’s Windows 10 Insider Program and it’s got some intriguing new options surrounding the trackpad.

Windows gestures


Microsoft has introduced a feature that enables users to customise the shortcuts for three-finger and four-finger gestures made on its trackpad. Changes can be made so that users can toggle between apps, reveal the desktop or even skip a song by making any of the gestures.

Though many of these movements already have an existing keyboard shortcut, Microsoft is keen to increase the convenience of working in Windows 10 by adding such quick-fire ways of working.

Windows 10
(John Stillwell/PA)


Since the feature is still very much in beta, there is no word on if and when it will be made available to general consumers, though the tech giant is said to planning a major Windows 10 update release in the early part of 2017.

Codenamed RedStone 2, the update is reported to be due to appear in March. Rumours suggest more new features for voice assistant Cortana will be among the updates, as could a new “HomeHub” app to control smart devices as part of the Internet of Things.

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