A company from Slovenia has made the world’s first record player with a levitating turntable.

Yes, in a world where even CDs seem archaic you don’t technically need a vinyl player. And, yes, maybe you don’t need said record player to float – but look at it.

GIF of player spinning
That air gap though… (MAG-LEV Audio)


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The player, created by MAG-LEV Audio in Ljubljana, made a campaign for their product on Kickstarter and now have almost 400 backers and have raised more than a quarter of a million US dollars for the project. Look, they have a video showcasing their product too.

Okay, we’re not sure quite what you will have learned from that video.


In fact we were mostly left wondering where on earth this man is and if that’s their house surely this team doesn’t need a Kickstarter campaign. So, let us explain how it all works.

The creators use clever technology to bring “the feeling of zero gravity” to your living room (MAG-LEV Audio)


The patented technology uses magnets to create the levitating effect. This, of course, isn’t the first piece of technology to pull off this feat, but what makes it so impressive is the way it manages to stay balanced – allowing the needle of the player to smoothly play the vinyl whilst also looking awesome.

The turntable also comes with feet for when the player, and hence magnetic field, is switched off.

Image shows how the feet are added to the dormant player
This is how the little feet are added to the dormant player (MAG-LEV Audio)


The company say the smooth medium of air makes for a “truly magical” listening experience.

“We wanted to take something close to us and reinvent the entire experience,” they said in a press release. “One day we asked ourselves a question that seemed a little crazy at first. If a vinyl was levitating in the air, could it still produce a sound? Inspired by this curiosity, we decided to find out.”

A shot of the player from above
The company say the player is adjustable so it can play various kinds of vinyl records (MAG-LEV Audio)


We know what you’re thinking. “It’s the perfect addition to my slightly edgy, minimalist living room but I can’t buy this because they’re in Slovenia” – well, think again. The company’s Kickstarter campaign says they will ship to anywhere in world if you donate. That will probably be the cheapest way to get one too, with models retailing at over £1,000.

Come on though… it is floating.