Amazon really wants Alexa to be your go-to virtual assistant.

That’s probably why the online retail giant has listened to its Amazon Echo customers - in the US only unfortunately - and added a new feature which will see Alexa track your Amazon packages.

Sure, it’s taken a year since for Amazon’s very own digital assistant to step up its game (Alexa is already able to add items you ordered through Prime to your Amazon cart), but now you can add package-tracking to Alexa’s diverse list of cool features.

Amazon packages.
(Paul Sakuma/AP)


Among many things, the voice-controlled smart assistant can control your thermostat, order you a pizza from Domino’s, read you a book, call you an Uber, re-order your groceries and answer questions related to items you have ordered through the Amazon website.

And now, instead of obsessively checking your phone every 10 minutes to track your Amazon order, you can badger Alexa instead.

According to a ReadWrite report, all you need to do is ask “Alexa, where’s my stuff?” or say “Alexa, track my packages” to get the latest on when your order will arrive.

However, it’s worth mentioning the new feature only works with Amazon-purchased items.

Alexa won’t be able to track packages from third-party sellers – companies who don’t provide delivery estimates through the retailer and do their own fulfilment.