Technology is already changing the way we travel, and it has long been believed we will end up with flying cars to get us around. That time may have arrived.

A Dutch tech firm has not just unveiled its own flying car, but PAL-V says its car has been certified and can now be pre-ordered via their website.

That’s right, you can pre-order a flying car for yourself.

Called the Liberty, PAL-V says around 90 units will be sold around the world, with prices starting at $400,000 (£322,000) for the three-wheeled vehicle, with production expected to begin in the summer.

The car is capable of reaching 100 miles per hour on the road, as well as being able to reach 4,000 feet (1,219m) when in flight mode.

PAL-V flying car


The biggest stumbling block for most average consumers though is likely to be the requirement of a pilot’s licence in order to take control of the vehicle.

This is because it uses existing aviation technology and controls, which means you’ll need to pass the rigorous exams before you can slip into the driver’s seat.

PAL-V isn't the only company with designs on a flying car. Airbus plans to have a prototype ready for the end of the year,  and US company Terrafugia showed off designs for the TF-X.