The inside of ours cars are more than 50% dirtier than our computer keyboards and smartphones, new research claims.

Dr Joe Latimer, a lecturer in antimicrobial resistance at the University of Salford, carried out the research as part of a survey by online car sales firm SellCar, and found hundreds of living bacteria while swabbing different parts of 20 cars.


(Dominic Lipinski/PA)


On average there were 200 living bacteria per square inch on the handbrake, even MRSA in some cases.

The findings were backed up by a survey of motorists, which found that 54% clean out their car less than once a month, with 61% saying they were oblivious to the germs that can linger inside their car.

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In fact, less than one in 10 identified their car as an item they own that could potentially house germs.

Hygiene specialist Dr Lisa Ackerley said of the results: “When you think of all the unhygienic things you see people doing whilst driving – picking their noses, coughing all over the steering wheel and eating food – we really ought to be cleaning the insides of our cars more, particularly the hand contact surfaces.”