From broadcasting matches with the best picture and sound and an app packed with extra features, BT Sport is using technology to create the best viewing experience at home or on-the-go.

Some of football’s most famous names such as Gary Lineker, Steven Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand are BT Sport pundits. What do they think of BT’s use of technology? We caught up with them ahead of a UEFA Champion's League broadcast to find out.

BT Sport 4K UHD was the first Live Sport 4K channel, beginning with the 2015 Community Shield match. 4K Ultra HD pictures have four times the detail of High Definition, so pictures are sharper and you can see more detail, find out more in our Ultra HD and 4K explainer.

Picture quality is just one element, another is sound, which is often overlooked, but can dramatically improve the viewing experience. In January 2017, BT Sport broadcast the Liverpool vs Chelsea Premier League match in Dolby Atmos. With Dolby Atmos, sound moves around a three-dimensional space creating a more immersive experience, so you almost feel you are part of the crowd in a live match. Find out more about Dolby Atmos.

The BT Sport app is packed with innovative features. BT Sport subscribers can watch matches live, there’s also a timeline for every match that lets you re-watch key moments, you can even watch UEFA Champions League and Premier League matches from alternative camera angles, find out more about the BT Sport app.

Expect more technological innovation from BT Sport. The UEFA Champions League final between Juventus and Real Madrid on Saturday June 3 will be broadcast in 360 virtual reality and BT Sport will feature Augmented Reality in its cricket coverage.

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