How can I get ready for BT TV? Connecting your broadband, Freeview and TV

Getting BT TV should be as easy as connecting your new TV box to your broadband, television set and aerial. Follow these tips to watch your new channels without any fuss.

BT will do our best to make it easy to install BT TV, but there are a few things you’ll need before you can plug in your BT TV box.

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What broadband do I need for BT TV?

If you’ve already got BT Broadband, then you’re on the road to joining the BT TV family. Otherwise, you’ll need to sign up to a BT Broadband package, because your subscription channels and on demand players work through your broadband.

Any BT Broadband package will get you started on BT TV, we’ll check your broadband speed before you order to make sure you’re able to order the right package.

Is my aerial ready for BT TV?

BT TV also brings you Freeview as well as subscription channels. To watch these you need a good TV aerial (a rooftop aerial is best).

Satellite dishes aren’t compatible with BT TV. If you need an aerial installed you can add this when you place your order for BT TV.

BT TV Ultra HD box

Is my TV ready for BT TV?

The BT TV box uses an HDMI cable to connect to your TV, so your TV will need an HDMI port available to connect - but you will get an HDMI cable in the box.

For BT Sport Ultra HD and other Ultra HD channels, you’ll need to have an Ultra HD or 4K TV with an HDMI 2.0 port, HDCP2.2. content protection, and a picture resolution of 2160p50 (also known as 50Hz).

Can my broadband connect to the BT TV box?

BT Broadband comes with the BT Smart Hub router, and this will need to connect to your new BT TV box using a direct Ethernet cable connection.

Hopefully your BT TV box and BT Smart Hub can be located close enough together for the included Ethernet cable to connect them. If not, you’ve got a few options.

The first is to get a BT engineer to visit and run a longer cable from your router. They’ll do a neat job and check everything works before they leave. Alternatively you could buy your own cable and do it yourself.

If your BT Smart Hub is in a different room, or you don’t want long cables in your living room, try Mini Connectors. These will send the broadband signal over your home’s internal electricity wires using a compact HomePlug device that plugs into a mains power socket at either end of the connection.

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