Want to watch 4K TV? Here's how to get started with BT TV

There’s more sport and TV to watch in Ultra HD on BT TV than ever before. Find out why you should upgrade and how to make the leap to 4K.

Watching TV in 4K Ultra HD is the ultimate home entertainment upgrade of the year, and not just because it makes you the envy of every guest who sees the amazing pictures.

You’ll soon be handing out the popcorn - or showing them the door - so you can settle down and enjoy the best TV you’ve ever seen.

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What’s so great about 4K Ultra HD?

You’ll hear a lot of talk about resolution and millions of pixels, but the real benefit is simple: 4K Ultra HD looks more real.

More realistic TV is simply more enjoyable to watch, whether you’re feeling every moment of joy and pain of a Premier League football game or are absorbed in the twists and turns of Ozark on Netflix.

The highter resolution does make 4K Ultra HD more comfortable to watch than Full HD, and it also sounds better: the BT TV Ultra HD box supports Dolby Atmos, a next-generation 3D surround sound system that makes you feel as if you’re in the middle of the action.

What 4K Ultra HD channels are on BT TV?

BT TV has two great ways to watch 4K Ultra HD: BT Sport and Netflix.

BT Sport has a roster of Ultra HD sports that keeps growing. It includes the English Premier League and FA Cup, selected games from the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, and the Scottish Premiership.

Rugby Union fans can watch the Gallagher Premiership and Heineken Cup in 4K, and there are 4K events from Moto GP, UFC and boxing throughout the year.

If you want to enjoy drama and films in Ultra HD, then Netflix has an Ultra HD premium tier with dozens of 4K titles, including new series like Ozark and Maniac, and hits like the BBC’s Planet Earth II, Stranger Things, Breaking Bad and Black Mirror.

How do I watch 4K Ultra HD?

You’ll need three things to watch 4K TV with BT:

  1. An 4K/Ultra HD TV.
  2. Superfast Fibre broadband.
  3. The BT TV Ultra HD box, which is included with the Max 4K TV package.

BT Sport Ultra HD is found on channel 433. You can find the Netflix app in the Players & Apps menu by pressing the blue Home button on your BT TV remote. Sign up for the Premium tier to get Ultra HD TV and start watching straight away - and you’ll be billed through your BT account. Alternatively, you can upgrade to Netflix premium at BT.com.

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