How to set up your TV for the ultimate Champions League football experience

With the group stage of the UEFA Champions League beginning, there's no better time to make sure you have the best possible viewing experience.

The UEFA Champions League group stages have begun, with Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham all in action.

Whether you’re on your own or watching with friends, now is the time to start preparing your football hub for the ultimate viewing experience.

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Watch the match in 4K Ultra HD

4K HD has four times the resolution of HD, so pictures have richer colours displayed in even more detail. You can watch some Champions League games in 4K Ultra HD - these are usually English clubs' home matches. To find out which games you can watch in 4K HD, head to the BT Sport TV guide and look for games highlighted in orange.

You need BT TV to watch BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD, and along with the Champions League, you can watch the Europa League, Moto GP, WTA Gallagher Premiership Rugby and UFC as well as Premier League football.

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Sit in the sweet spot

Whether you’re watching on your own or hosting a Champions League party, you’ll want to make sure everyone gets a good view of the screen.

The perfect viewing distance will depend on your screen size and whether you’re watching in HD or 4K Ultra HD, but for a 50-inch screen it’s about two metres in HD and 1.5 metres in 4K.

Play with your TV's settings

Many TVs come with a Sports mode that whacks up the brightness, contrast and other settings to suit sports coverage. if you find factory-set sports modes a little garish, experiment with these settings to create your own instead:

  • Play with the Motion Processing modes that will reduce motion blur on the ball, but which can create pixelated halos around moving objects.
  • Try out Dynamic Contrast and Dynamic Colour modes, but avoid making the screen too much like a child’s paintbox. Only change the contrast and brightness if you have no choice.
  • Avoid Intelligent and Eco brightness modes if you’re watching in the daytime, as they can unexpectedly change the screen brightness if it gets cloudy or sunny.

Surround yourself with stadium sound

BT Sport comes with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound that makes it feel like you’re on the touchline, so it's vital you partner your 4K TV with an audio upgrade.

A soundbar will add extra punch and life with almost no impact on your living room, but a multi-speaker surround sound system will put you in the heart of the action. A subwoofer to boost low-frequency sounds will help you to feel the thump of every kick.

You’ll find ‘stadium’ settings on many soundbars and most home cinema amplifiers. Based on the audio profile of real sports arenas, these settings can make your matchday experience feel even more realistic.

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Don’t miss a match: Get the BT Sport app

With eight games live on each night of the group stages, every BT Sport subscriber with a BT ID can watch the Champions League live on the BT Sport app – in fact you can watch two matches at once if you use the app on your smartphone and on your laptop.

Our enhanced BT Sport player lets you flick between games and view goal alerts, while the live timeline lets you rewind to watch the big moments in every game. You can watch from behind the goal or alongside the managers in 360-degree virtual reality, and multicam views let you enjoy all the action from all around the ground.

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